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  • Skincare 101 // 'How Do I Use That?'
  • Post author
    Toni Hacker

Skincare 101 // 'How Do I Use That?'

Skincare 101 // 'How Do I Use That?'

Cleansers, serums, moisturizers, masks, toners...sunscreen? There's a vast universe of skincare out there (and how you use them matters if you want beautiful results). Today we're gonna cover the basics and get you glowing! ✨


Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is critical to great skin and helps to balance sebum production from the get-go. The golden rule is to choose a cleanser specifically that effectively and gently cleanses skin without stripping away your precious moisture barrier and causing skin to over produce sebum. If choosing a bar soap, look for one that's specifically formulated for facial usage. If you tend to go dry or oily, a super gentle face wash or creamy cleanser is your best bet and will leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed, but never tight and dry. 


Adding gentle exfoliation 2-3x p/week is the true secret to reveal healthy, clear, and beautifully glowing skin. There are a wide range of ways to exfoliate for every skin type and that work for even for the most sensitive of skin. What to look for? Gentle plant-based formulas that deeply exfoliate without the use of chemical surfactants that strip skin or harsh physical exfoliants that create micro-scratches and irritate the epidermis (pulverized nut shells, micro plastic beads, etc). Gentle acid exfoliants made from naturally-derived ingredients are also an excellent way to exfoliate, but tend to leave skin a bit dry. Always follow up with a hydrating toner to balance skin and quality moisturizer or facial oil.


That beautiful skin you're in is the largest organ of the human body...and just like every other part of us, it needs to be loved, fed, nourished, and protected daily. The basic rule of thumb is to apply products in order of lightest-to-heaviest. After cleansing, spritz on a quality plant-based toner before applying serums or moisturizers to lock in all-day hydration and nutrients. The skin around your eyes is especially thin and delicate + our eyes are incredibly practice is to use only serums or creams in this area that are specifically formulated for usage around the eye area. Sunscreen should always be applied as the very last anti-aging step in your skincare routine to protect skin from harsh UV rays. Look for quality sunscreens formulated specifically for facial usage and that are reef-safe and as eco-friendly as possible. 


Skin is a living organ (and sometimes it definitely seems to have a mind of its own!). Quality sleep, eating a healthy rainbow diet, drinking lots of clean H2O, and great daily skincare is the fast track to beautiful, glowing skin and better health in general. Even the best skin needs a little extra treat/boost from time-to-time and that's where masks and spot treatments come in. Facial masks come in a multitude of forms and offer a wide range of skincare benefits. If you're crunched for time (or heading to an event), flash masks are great for a quick glow boost. Clay masks are excellent to deeply cleanse pores/skin and exfoliate weekly. Overnight and sleep masks are a fantastic way to multitask by delivering intense hydration/moisture overnight + start the day with gorgeous skin. Spot treatments are formulated to correct specific skincare concerns such as blemishes, breakouts, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. Use them along with serums and moisturizers to help keep skin looking its best.


  • Post author
    Toni Hacker

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